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This show is all about showcasing each photographer(s) road to success. The beauty of each episode shows that there is no one way to make a living a a photographer. How can you relate? By listening to each story and learning from the good and the bad experiences each of us had faced along the way. Applying this knowledge to your business whether it's just starting to get legs, or fully established, will help all of us get to where we want to be. Please join me on this journey and discover that there is no wrong or right way to success, only your own way!
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Jan 15, 2015

Hosted by Michael J. Molinski


Interviewed: Tiffany Wayne


Today we take you on Tiffany’s path all around the US with one goal in mind; to be a professional photographer.


Below are links to topics brought up throughout the show:


Clifton Park, NY


Shenendehowa High School

Photography and art classes 


#ThrowbackThursday photos from her childhood now on Instagram @TIffanyWayne


Hudson Valley Community College


SUNY Cortland (State University of NY)


Then to a law firm and back to former teacher for help to get out of that job.


Hallmark Institute of Photography


Greg Heisler


Photo editor at Woman’s World Magazine


Moved out to LA for more work, but not as a photographer, then back to NY


Ran out of film on her first wedding


Saratoga Hall of Springs


Showed up extra early at a wedding, guess what happened






Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce


Rebecca Ashby, The Pink Orange


We talk business card fails,

Use of hashtags at weddings,

Social media etiquette,


Biggest fear is becoming comfortable, keep yourself on edge


What its like to have an intern

Tiffany’s awesome rap video from May 2011:


Her new book: Photograph Couples: How to Create Romantic Wedding and Engagement Portraits


Talk about Facebook changes


Ugly sweater contest

The Old Daley Inn


Photo Plus Expo NYC



Pop Photo Poses app - Lindsay Adler


Going over the client experience

Talk about new house, taxes, health care, vegan diet, gassy refrigerator 

Eating at wedding

Gear talk

The process of individual learning


Mamiya medium format camera


Deardorff 8x10


Fashion Institute of Technology


shooting time / editing time


Shoot Q - studio management system


Holding yourself accountable 


Canon 85mm f1.8


Canon 200mm f2


Borrow Lenses


Westcott Ice Light


Canon CPS


Recommend on the podcast - Andrew Franciosa


Patty Lynn Benjamin

The tac house (not quite sure on this, will update with info from Tiffany)


"If you get told no, just get back up and keep going"


That about does it for the note and links, until next time!






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